Land for sale in Bedugul – LBE019ED with mountain view

land for sale in bedugul, bali
land for sale in bedugul, bali

Land for sale in Bedugul situated in an altitude of about 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) above the sea level. this land for sale in bedugul has a cool atmosphere. located near the Bedugul Botanical Gareden, Bali. this land for sale in rectangular in shape featuring grazing land bordered by tress. this property is near by Bali Handara hotel, view overlookint to Beratan lake. suitable for villa or agribusiness

The land has building aspect in place, easy access to water and electricity and most of all an investment option that can deliver a beneficial return.

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Land for sale in Bedugul mountain view –  LBE019ED

Property Code : LBE019ED
Property Type : Land
Property Status : For Sale
Property Name : Land for sale in Bedugul with mountain view

Location : Bedugul – Bali
Land Size : 10 are ( 1000 sqm )
Price : USD. 56,000
Price / Are : USD. 5,600
Price / M2 : USD. 56
Front / View : mountain view
Certificate : SHM ( ownership certificate )