Land for sale in Ubud – LUB035ED with stunning river view

 land for sale in ubud bali
land for sale in ubud bali

land for sale in Ubud have 10000 sqm of  located in Jasan, northern of ubud near by Tampaksiring palace. this land for sale in ubud comprising of two land condition. in the middle is few  of rice field and behind of this land for sale in Ubud is sloping land overlooking to nice river. one thing that interesting from these land for sale in Ubud ia, there is a steps that use by local residents to get to the river. it’s look nice. suitable for villa.

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Land for sale in Ubud – LUB035ED

Property Code : LUB035ED
Property Type : Land
Property Status : For Sale
Property Name : Land for sale in Ubud with stunning river view

Location : Ubud – Bali
Price : USD. 400,000
Price / Are : USD. 4,000
Price / M2 : USD. 40
Land Size : 10000 sqm ( 1 Ha )